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Black Cami Bras: Everything You Need to Know About Bra Color Pairing

Black is such a universal color, it makes it to every girl's wardrobe. When you don't know what to wear to a special evening event - there's that little black dress that has your back. When you're feeling lazy and don't want to put much thought into your look today - that black oversized tee comes to the rescue. When you DO want to look great, black comes through for you with its form-fitting, slimming effect. Black's great. Black's every girl's BFF. Black's the boyfriend, we all wished we had. 

Black wardrobe staples are great to have, but so are black bra wardrobe besties. If you're the kind of girl that alternates between favorite bras through the week without the fuss of many different styles, you need at least one black bra in there, somewhere. Few things are as versatile as a black bra, and a black cami bra is….chef's kiss!  But, the real magic happens when your black cami bra doubles up as a cami bra top, even better when it pairs perfectly with the right outfit. Owning a classic black cami bra is all about getting creative and fun with styling, but also practical and thorough. In this guide, we'll walk you through bra color pairings, and everything that's not to do to avoid a fashion faux pas. Then, we'll show you how we love to wear our black cami bras to elevate any look!

Why Black Cami Bras?

Black cami bras offer the perfect foundation for any outfit. They offer wireless support and comfort without compromising style. They look great on everyone, embracing your body type, bra size, skin tone, activity levels and styling goals. Try slipping a black cami bra under a sheer blouse, a plunging neckline, or a low-back dress and you'll see why we call it magic. 

A Girl's Guide to Color

So, what color bras pair well with which tops? While there's some room for debate about which color bra vanishes under a classic white shirt, like the opinions on whether a red bra is your best undercover agent under white anything, there are some hard and fast rules. 

White Tops

If you want a bra that disappears under a white top, your best bets are on a skin tone  bra, light pink or light brown bra or a white bra. But, there ain't no magic formula. A lot has to do with your skin tone, too. Girls with deeper skin tones will notice that a black bra or a bra in deeper shades slips nicely under a white shirt. If you have a pale or wheatish complexion with warm undertones, a skin color or beige bra serves you best under a white shirt. Girls with a pale complexion with pink undertones will find that a light pink or peach bra disappears magically under a white shirt. 

That said, if your white top is on the translucent side, a white bra might actually pop through it by making your shirt look a thicker white where your bra fits. A black cami bra, on the other hand, disappears neatly under a white translucent top or tops made from viscose or a sheer fabric. They're also a perfect match when you want to create contrast under a white top for a classic and balanced look. 

Black Tops

Here's where the buck stops. Never, ever wear a white bra under a black top on a night out. It's a sure-shot way to have your bra photobomb every one of your pictures taken with a flash, only to spoil a great night out. No one wants a bra making a special appearance to steal the spotlight. White and nude bras tend to pop under black tops and are best avoided. That's where your black cami bra comes to the rescue, as a silent supporter. Black cami bras can also double up as cami bra tops to pair with a black open-button shirt to create a slick monochrome look. 

Bold Colors

Black bras act as anchors under brightly colored tops, adding balance to your look. This will depend on the fabric on your outfit. For a brightly colored translucent top, a bra in a color that comes closest to your skin tone is best. For all other bright colored bras, the black cami bra does the perfect balancing act. 

Neutral Tones

A black bra slips seamlessly under beige, nude or taupe outfits. As with the previous sections, consider the level of transparency of your fabric when making a choice. The more sheer the fabric, the better served by a black bra. Thicker beige outfits can also be served well by beige, white, and black bras, or bras in a color of your choice if you want to create contrast under your outfit. 

Prints and Patterns

When choosing what to wear under printed fabric, look for dominant colors and accents in the print. A bra in a color that matches one of the accented colors is your best bet to create a harmonious look without any unruly color pop. A black cami bra is your perfect choice to slip under a blouse with busy pattern play because the color black has a naturally harmonizing effect on excess color. 

Black Cami Bra: Your Style Guide

Sheer Tops

Whether you want your bra to disappear under a translucent top or add play under a see-through top, the black cami bra is your go-to bra. Under lighter fabrics, the black color will disappear creating a chic and polished look. On the other hand, a black cami bra can double up as a top under a sheer blouse to create a look of layered perfection. 

Plunging Necklines

The longline cami bra with its deep V-neckline lets you do all of the above under your favorite tops with plunging necklines. It promises support and coverage without compromising on style. 

Low-Cut Back Dresses

A black bra is your best bet on a night out, sexy low-cut dress no bar. A longline cami bra comes with a low cut back to accommodate that sexy dress while disappearing under it all the same. 

Cami Bra Top FTW

And, finally, don't let that beauty of a cami bra hide away under your tops all the time. Our bras are made for support, comfort and the confidence to show the world who you really are. The black cami bra works just as well as a cami bra top paired with jeans, cycling shorts or anything you please. Add dimensions to your look by layering your cami bra with a shirt, a shrug or creating contrast with a bright skirt. 

There's no looking back when you've made friends with your first black cami bra. It opens a world of endless styling possibilities, and holds your hand through dark times and good ones. The bra color pairing rules here work well as a guide post, but it's really up to you to see what works best for you based on your personal style. We can't wait to see what you put together. Give us a shout out at BRABAR, we want to see your looks! Meanwhile, check out our fit guide and book a personalized fitting session with us for styling advice

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