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Beyond Beauty: What Makes Our Everyday Bras, BFFs At Every Hour

Every girl needs a bra that does it all. A bra that slips on like a breath of fresh air on chaotic Monday mornings. One that keeps us buoyant through early morning commutes and the rush hour, has you supported through client meetings, and gives you a pep talk when you want to slump at the work desk. A bra that listens in like a good pal on happy hour gossip, and still has the strength to keep the girls lifted on the late night ride back home. 

You're thinking - a bra BFF like that? Impossible!

We say, never say never! ;)

A bra doesn't have to have fancy prints to be a looker and a hustler. That's where everyday bras come in. They feel and look like second skin and ace the game of comfort and support. They sit pretty and easy through hot summers and long winters and long hours without giving up. And, their superior design makes sure they disappear under outfits without weird cup bulges or awkward bra lines showing through. 

That's the gorgeous styling you sign-up for when you take home a BRABAR everyday bra. They're wirefree and feature smart design elements and hacks that ensure they're beauty and brilliance both. Here's what to look forward to in an everyday bra. 

Always Shows Up but No-Show Cups

The everyday bra features cups made in ultra-soft fabric in double layers with targeted bust support. This ultra-light, stretchable fabric molds itself to your natural breast shape. The double-layers offer adequate modesty under most outfits including casual tees. This exceptional design guarantees smooth cup construction that takes on the natural shape of your breasts and never bulges under clothing. By lifting and separating the breasts through targeted support, you're promised no awkward bust gaps under outfits with necklines from sweetheart, V-neck, scoop, square and boat-neck tops. Girls with larger busts can try the SOFT Day Bra for everyday. Girls with smaller busts can opt to add removable contour cups for added modesty. We love a bra that guarantees no peek-a-boob moments. 

Convertible Bra Straps >> Convertible Automobiles

Bra strap issues can absolutely wreck a good outfit. The everyday convertible bras with a J-hook strap can go from racerback to straight-strap style in under a minute. Racerback bras are great for extended support on a busy day and for girls with larger busts. Having the option to switch from racerback to straight straps also means you can style your everyday convertible bra with a variety of outfits. Slip it under a gym tank, a slip dress, a boat-neck ruffle dress; the possibilities are endless!

Double Layers, Double the Fun

Everyday bras ensure they have a hold on the girlies and minimize bounce. They're made with superior, double-layered nylon yarn and spandex that guarantee grip and stretch. Coupled with a fantastic and sturdy band, the fabric plays a role in ensuring your girls are always upbeat and never sag. Super soft nylon yarns ensure no irritation or brushing the girlies the wrong way. Plus, an added bonus of moisture-wicking fabric technology ensures they're happy all summer too.  

One Bra, Many Personalities: Choosing Correct Bra Fit

The everyday bra has a misleading name. Because, she's no plain Jane. She's a shapeshifter made to suit a variety of everyday outfits, so you're ready to show up your best self on various occasions. For that special day event, there's the everyday longline cami bra with an extended band and a V-neckline that's just perfect to slip under something more dressy. It's an everyday bra that marries the best cami bra with all the goods in an everyday bra. The wide band provides superior support to your breasts while the neckline makes for hassle-free styling under low-neck fits. Overall, the everyday cami bra is a winner for day (and night) events that need dressing up. Then, there's the everyday convertible bra, the jane of all trades. She'll make sure you move stylishly between gym, home and work with convertible straps that switch from racerback to straight straps. The everyday soft bra is when your everyday bra went to art school and became a dreamer. She's soft and comfy but has a deep hold of your girls through the ups and the downs. The best soft bra to wear when you're asking existential questions (and, need to get things done!). For girls with larger breasts, the everyday scoop neck bra with a strong band and wide straps ensures you get double the support on a busy day. She's also great for girls of all bra sizes and measurements for versatile styling under everything from tees and work shirts to low-back dresses and V-neck blouses. 

And, finally, the classic everyday bra, for days you want to keep things simple. Her neutral shades disappear under a classic white shirt and a casual tee, just as well. 

Choosing the Right Everyday Bra for You: Find My Bra Size

The "right" everyday bra is totally up to your taste, personality, lifestyle and needs. Our everyday bras meet various styling needs, and come in a range of classic shades suitable for versatile styling. Finding the right bra for you really depends on getting your bra size right from the get go. Armed with the right size, you can conquer any day, every day! Check out BRABAR's quick fit guide for more information on how to size yourself the right way. Optionally, book yourself a professional fitting with us for a thorough sizing session, and advice on styling for your breast type and needs. If you prefer doing this at home, we've broken down everything you need to know when measuring bra cup sizes at home. We explain how to measure, what your measurements mean for you, and how these measurements explain bra function and support. We also take you through sister styling, and how to find a couple of different bra sizes based on bra style and support. 

Every day is a bright day with the everyday bra around. That's why we say, good bras exist, but the everyday bra - she's a BFF! 

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