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Being an AA Cup Girl in Bra Girl Land

For starters, you've got to be lucky to be an AA girl. It's the rarest bra size and measurement of boobs out there. And there are only a few brands that give AA girls the love and attention they deserve. That's where we come in - we know what it's like to be rare and misunderstood, and we cater especially to AA cup girls in all of our best styles. 

But what does it mean to be an AA cup girl? What makes you special, what unique experiences are you likely to have when online shopping for bras? Does an AA cup girl stay AA forever? There's so much to unpack and uncover!

How Do I Measure Cup Size

To find your cup size, you'll need your band size and your bust size. Your band size is the measurement of your bra's band or the bit that secures itself firmly around your chest and just below your breasts. The band is responsible for giving your boobs all the support they need. They hold things together quite literally! Your bust size is the reading on the tape when you run it over the fullest part of your boobs and around your ribcage. For a step-by-step guide on how to measure your cup size to know if you're an AA cup girl, here's our home measuring guide and a deep dive into sizing for AA girls. 

If you're feeling impatient and ready to join the AA girl tribe, here's a quick how-to guide. 

Step 1: Get Your Band Size

Take a measuring tape and secure it around your chest, just below your breasts. The reading in inches is your band size. 

Step 2: How to Measure Bust Size

Now wrap the measuring tape over the fullest part of your breasts (right over the nipples). The reading in inches is your bust size. 

Step 3: How to Measure Breasts for Cup Size

Subtract your band size from your bust size to get your cup size. 

 Bust Size - Band Size = Cup Size. 

Basically, your cup size is the difference in measurement between the flatter part of your upper body (or your chest) and your breast tissue. It's a measure of the size or volume of your breasts. 

AA cup size girls are girls whose cup size is about 0.5 inches, meaning that your breast tissue is only about half an inch more "busty" than the rest of your upper body. 

So, if your band size measured 30 inches and your bust size reading rounded off to 30.5 inches, your cup size is 0.5 inches or an AA cup. But, if your band size measures 34 inches and your bust size reading is 34.5 inches, you are also an AA cup because your cup size is 0.5 inches. If your cup size reading falls below or above 0.5 inches, round off to the nearest decimal. For example, a 0.9-inch cup size is closer to a 1-inch, meaning that an A-cup bra might give you a better fit. 

Step 4: How to Figure Out Bra Size for Bra Online Shopping

Your bra size is your band size + cup size presented together. So girls with AA cups can be 28AA, 30AA, 32 AA, 34 AA and so on. The difference between different AA cup size girls is the band measurements, but all AA girls have the same cup size or breast size. We're small, and we're proud!

The Curious Case of Sister Sizing: When AA cup size girls leave the tribe

Before we dive into what it means to be part of the AA Cup girl tribe, we need to address the elephant in the room. We're sisters for life, and we must talk about the girlies….growing and leaving the club. So, onto the hard questions: can an AA cup size….change? 

There are two circumstances where an AA girl may leave her tribe. 

🧚 Sometimes girls grow. As AA cup-size girls, we'll be cheering if you grow a size and choose to leave us. Our bodies change throughout our lives with lifestyle changes, weight gain, during breastfeeding, and as our hormones change. There is a chance you may grow a size or two, and there is no saying if or when that might happen. 

🧚 Then there's when AA cup-size girls want to explore the wild wide world of bras for girls and return to tell us of their escapades. As AA girls, we want our sisters to explore and expand their experiences. If you're wondering how that's possible, we present to you - sister sizing!

Sister sizing is when you can have more than one bra size. Basically, your bra support comes from your band, but you could wear a firmer band or a band that sits more easily based on the style of bra or the occasion. So, for instance, a 34AA girl goes bra shopping looking for activewear bras, and she's thinking - I need something to fit me real compact at the band line. She can go down a band size and find a sports bra that fits her in a 32A. The reason the cup size changes is that a tighter band size means the cup volume of the bra decreases as well. So a 34 AA girly looking to buy a 32in band size sports bra will need the cup size of the bra to go up from an AA to an A, for the perfect fit. 

To know more about sister sizing, read our deep dive on the subject here. 

What do AA cup-size boobs look like?

AA cup-size breasts are the smallest cup size (although some brands offer AAA sizes as well) in the bra world. They're boobs that range from 0.1 to 0.5 inches. And yet, not all AA cup-size girls look the same. Every boob is unique and has a different shape to it based on how breast tissue volume is distributed.  While AA cup breasts may look bigger on a slim girl and smaller on a bigger girl, one truth stays the same - y'all rock athleisure and invented the pretty in petite!

We're all AA cup girls, no matter our bandwidth!

Remember that not all AA girlies are the same, yet our love for each other will always be the same. AA cup size girlies can have different bra sizes because their band sizes are not the same. So, the AA girl club will have 30 AA, 32AA, 34AA, 36AA, and 38AA girlies. Our differences make us so much cooler. Each of us is special in our own way!

Best Bras for AA cup size girls

We'd say anything looks good on you. But there are certain styles that fit effortlessly on AA-size boobs. The soft cami bra top is one such because of course we have the petite privilege of rocking bras as tops (pro-tip: the longline cami bra adds sass to a special occasion.). A good stretch bra that effectively contours and shapes your boobs like a corset bra sends AA cup girls right onto fashion magazine cover pages. And, never forget - athleisure was made for you, but we made it extra dramatic with these lace halter bralettes. As AA girlies, we're drama queens of the bra girl world, and showing off a little extra - straps, lace, patterns, et al - just does wonders for our look!
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