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Be Tween The Pages for Good Reads

Let's Talk with our Teens about BOOB's & BRA's

BeTween The Pages for Good Reads

In the blink of an eye, your child is going through puberty. Few things are harder for a parent than addressing the changes one must go through in that awkward "tween" phase, especially when it comes to girls! It's essential to have open and honest conversations about their developing bodies, and part of that includes talking about breasts and bras.

Understanding the changes during puberty can help your daughter feel more comfortable and confident. It's crucial to emphasize that everyone develops at their own pace and that there is no "normal" when it comes to body development. When it comes to choosing the right bra, BRABAR offers a wide range of options tailored for tweens and teens, ensuring comfort and support during this crucial phase.

The Importance of Finding the Right Fit

Finding the perfect bra can be challenging, especially for young girls experiencing rapid changes in their bodies. The right bra can provide the necessary support and boost confidence. BRABAR makes this process easier with collections like BB Bra and BB Bras, specifically designed for younger girls. These bras focus on comfort and proper fit, ensuring that your daughter feels at ease throughout the day.

BRABAR also offers a range of Bralettes Halter and Halter Bralettes that combine style and support, making them a great choice for young girls starting to wear bras. For those looking for something versatile and functional, options like the Backless Halter Bra and Halter Lace Bra provide excellent support without compromising on style.

Exploring Different Styles and Sizes

As your daughter grows, her bra needs will change. It's essential to explore different styles and sizes to find what works best for her. For teens with smaller cup sizes, the Best Bras for AA-C Cup collection offers a variety of comfortable and stylish options. On the other hand, the Best Bras for C-DDD Cup collection caters to those needing more support.

Halter bras and bralettes are a popular choice for young girls due to their comfort and versatility. BRABAR offers a range of styles such as the Halter Top Bras and Lace Halter Bralettes, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. These bras are designed to be supportive and stylish, making them an excellent choice for growing girls.

Addressing Concerns and Building Confidence

It's not just about finding the right bra; it's also about building confidence and addressing any concerns your daughter may have. Open communication is key to helping her navigate this period of change. Discussing different bra styles and their benefits can empower her to make informed choices. For example, the Bra with J Hook can be a great option for added support and versatility, while the Backless Bra Halter offers a discreet option for special outfits.

Encourage your daughter to express her preferences and comfort levels. Whether she prefers the simplicity of a White Halter Bralette or the elegance of a Lace Bra Halter, BRABAR's diverse collections ensure that there is something for everyone. With supportive and stylish options like the Halter Bralette Lace and Halter Backless Bras, she can feel confident and comfortable no matter what.

By guiding your daughter through this transition with the right resources and support, you can help her embrace her changing body with confidence. Explore BRABAR's extensive range of bras and bralettes to find the perfect fit for your tween or teen, ensuring she feels supported and stylish every step of the way.

BeTween The Pages for BRABAR Good Reads

GiGi Gets a Bra

Book by Jene Luciani
One day you're cleaning up spit-up and the next, in the blink of an eye, your child is going through puberty. Few things are harder for a parent than addressing the changes one must go through in that awkward "tween" phase, especially when it comes to girls! ......
The bestselling author of The Bra Book, 2nd edition, and mom-of-4 Jene Luciani, helps moms and dads alike, navigate this somewhat tricky, confusing, embarrassing and just downright awkward time in a girl’s life, with a lighthearted approach - in this story about a mom and her daughter.
Book by puberty educators Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa Kroll Bennett

Puberty can be a confusing and often awkward journey, but it doesn't have to be. We at BRABAR are thrilled to share our excitement about the upcoming book, "This Is So Awkward," authored by the incredible puberty educators Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa Kroll Bennett. As the founders and hosts of the informative and modern podcast "Spilling the Puberty Tea," this dynamic duo is revolutionizing the way we approach puberty education. Join us as we explore why "This Is So Awkward" is set to become a must-read resource for parents, caregivers, and young people.

A Positive Approach to Puberty

Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa Kroll Bennett are on a mission to transform the way we view and discuss puberty. Instead of shying away from the awkwardness, they embrace it, creating a positive and empowering narrative around this critical phase of development.

Expertise and Authority

Both authors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Dr. Cara Natterson is a respected pediatrician and the author of several renowned books on puberty and adolescence. Vanessa Kroll Bennett is a certified sexuality educator and the founder and host of "Spilling the Puberty Tea," a podcast that tackles all things puberty and beyond with a modern, relatable, and informative approach.

Navigating Puberty Together

"This Is So Awkward" promises to be a comprehensive guide for parents, caregivers, and educators, providing valuable insights into the physical and emotional changes that come with puberty. With the guidance of Dr. Natterson and Vanessa Kroll Bennett, adults can engage in open and honest conversations with young people, fostering a sense of understanding and trust.

The "Spilling the Puberty Tea" Podcast

In addition to the upcoming book, Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa Kroll Bennett offer a treasure trove of resources through their podcast, "Spilling the Puberty Tea." This podcast covers a wide range of topics related to puberty, body image, self-esteem, and more, offering a safe space for young people to explore their questions and concerns.

BRABAR's Support for Puberty Education

At BRABAR, we wholeheartedly support the mission of Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa Kroll Bennett in promoting positive puberty education. We believe that embracing one's changing body with confidence and self-assuredness is essential, and we are excited to see how "This Is So Awkward" will contribute to this empowering movement.


Puberty doesn't have to be an awkward or uncomfortable experience. With "This Is So Awkward" by Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa Kroll Bennett, and the "Spilling the Puberty Tea" podcast, young people and their caregivers can embark on this transformative journey with knowledge, positivity, and a sense of unity. We're eagerly anticipating the release of this book and encourage everyone to join us in supporting these remarkable puberty educators as they turn puberty into a positive and empowering experience for all.



My Eyes Are Up Here

If Greer Walsh could only live inside her head, life would be easier. She’d be able to focus on excelling at math or negotiating peace talks between her best friend and . . . everyone else. She wouldn’t spend any time worrying about being the only Kennedy High student whose breasts are bigger than her head.

But you can’t play volleyball inside your head. Or go to the pool. Or have confusingly date-like encounters with the charming new boy. You need an actual body for all of those things. And Greer is entirely uncomfortable in hers.

Hilarious and heartbreakingly honest, My Eyes Are Up Here is a story of awkwardness and ferocity, of imaginary butterflies and rock-solid friends. It’s the story of a girl finding her way out of her oversized sweatshirt and back into the real world.
Laura Zimmermann's My Eyes Are Up Here is a razor-sharp debut about a girl struggling to rediscover her sense of self in the year after her body decided to change the rules. Laura Zimmermann lives with her family in Minneapolis, MN. My Eyes Are Up Here is her first novel.
Available on

Dear Girl

Dear Girl is a journey from girlhood to womanhood through poetry
It is the search for truth in silence
The freeing of the tongue
It is deep wounds and deep healing
And the resilience that lies within us
It is a love letter
To the sisterhood
From a poet and celebrated spoken-word performer comes a debut poetry collection.  takes readers on an empowering, lyrical journey exploring truth, silence, wounds, healing, and the resilience we all share.
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