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❤️ Bad Bitch Bible

❤️ Bad Bitch Bible

Forget about me already? Well, don’t speak too soon because I’m back with some very vital advice - BB’s steps to becoming a bad bitch. While the iconic “BB” of course stands for the BRABAR bras we have all come to know and love, it is no
coincidence these letters also signify one of the most powerful phrases in modern womanhood.
Now becoming a bad bitch is not an overnight transformation. Most women aren’t born radiating
this confidence - it is an energy that needs to be channeled from within. I think Cardi said it best
“I think us bad bitches is a gift from god”.
Personally, I feel that the word bitch has had an unjust history. A word once used as a
derogatory phrase for a woman regarded as malicious, bad-tempered, or aggressive, society
supported the narrative that a woman who was strong-minded and confident was a bitch. It is
the job of our generation to reclaim the power of this archaic word. After reading Jo Freeman’s
“Bitch Manifesto” I felt an uproar from within and knew I needed to help shine light on the
positive powers of a bitch. Freeman preaches that a bitch is someone that is domineering,
strong-minded, and takes sh*t from no one. While we all have this energy within us, it takes
nurturing to truly harness it.
Now you may be thinking to yourself - I could have read Webster’s Dictionary if I wanted a crash
course on the English language. But I promise this is where the fun part begins - the holy grail to
bad bitchery.
1. Don't be afraid to be unapologetically yourself.
In a world where we are consumed by social media and bombarded with idealistic imagery of
“the perfect life”, it’s easy to lose track of who you truly are. While it’s fun to use these platforms
as a creative outlet, many use them to put on a facade of their own veil of happiness. The truth
is that no matter how many comments or likes you have, at the end of the day you are only
really stuck with yourself. (ooph, she’s harsh)
While that may be an isolating feeling at first, it’s important to use this to lift yourself up. There
are parts of everyone that are special and beautiful but it’s about the ability to embody these
characteristics that elicits genuine confidence and that confidence radiates.
2. Embrace Uncertainty
As I’ve begun navigating adult life this is a lesson that I have had to learn the hard way. Much
like pressure to live the perfect life, for many there is external pressure to have each stage of life
figured out in advance. Middle school prepares you for high school, high school for college and
college for the “adult world”. But then what? As a person who embraces spontaneity and
randomness this has not been the most compatible ideology and as a result have been left in a

constant state of confusion. I felt like I needed to keep up with my peers or I would fall
drastically behind.
But surprise surprise this is also a fabrication. It’s difficult to remember that we are all on our
own journey of passions and pursuits when it feels like everyone around you is running a rat race - but what is the finish line?
In conclusion, the real secret to being a bad bitch isn’t about the clothing you wear, the pictures you post, or even the friends you have. It’s about embracing the uncertainties of life and allowing your inner self to shine through and guide your personal journey. By embracing your authentic self you will attract your own true happiness.

Alright, buckle up, buttercup! It's time for BB's crash course on morphing into the ultimate bad bitch, brought to you by the alphabetic destiny that is BRABAR - where BB not only stands for the coolest bralettes in town but also an empowered state of being.

First thing's first, becoming a bad bitch isn’t like instant noodles, my friend. It’s more like fermenting a fine wine. It's a craft, a brew of confidence that you've gotta simmer on the stove of sass and self-assurance. Cardi B might drop it like it's hot when she talks about bad bitches being a gift from God, and she's not wrong.

Let’s get one thing straight – the term ‘bitch’ has gotten a bad rap. Once a no-no word for a feisty lady, it’s time we flip the script. Jo Freeman, in her "Bitch Manifesto," paints a picture of a bitch as the queen of her castle, the kind of gal who grabs life by the crop tops and leads the charge.

So, here’s the lowdown on your transformation:

  1. Be Unapologetically You

In this Insta-glam world, it's easy to get lost in the sauce of fake perfection. Remember, those double taps and heart emojis can't hold you at night. At the end of the day, it's just you, your sports bra, and your reflections. And if that thought makes you squirm, honey, it's time to embrace every quirk, snort-laugh, and off-key shower concert like it's your superpower.

  1. Waltz with the Unknown

Adulting can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded. We’re all supposed to have life mapped out like a trip to Disney, but let's be real, where's the fun in that? It's okay if your life looks more like a Picasso painting than a straight line. Embrace the chaos, the messy, the unplanned detours that lead you to spontaneous bralette shopping sprees – because that’s where the magic happens.

And here’s the drum roll moment: Being a bad bitch isn't about the clothes you rock, the Insta aesthetic, or even your squad goals. It's about strutting through the storm with your head high, letting your genuine self be the compass that steers your ship. When you're true to you, wearing your bralette like armor, you'll draw in the vibes that match your own – and that, my dear, is pure gold.

So go on, slip into your favorite BRABAR bralette, flash a grin in the mirror, and conquer your day like the bad bitch you were destined to be.


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