As young girls develop and become women, shopping for the perfect bra is often a daunting task. - BRABAR

As young girls develop and become women, shopping for the perfect bra is often a daunting task.

As young girls develop and become women, shopping for the perfect bra is often a daunting task. Knowing bra sizes and correctly measuring one's chest can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, the +0 method of bra measuring makes it much simpler and can be used to accurately determine the proper bra size without complex measuring tools.

The +0 method of bra measuring is quite simple; it requires a few simple steps and the aid of a friend. To begin, one should find a comfortable non-padded bra that fits them in all areas. Next, take two measurements - around the bust and ribcage - using a soft measuring tape just below the chest at the ribcage. Take these measurements round to an even number and add +0 to get the ribcage number or band size.

For example, if the ribcage measures 33.5", the ribcage number would be 34+0=34. Finally, one should refer to a bra sizing chart to find the appropriate bra size for their ribcage number. For example, if the ribcage number is 33, the corresponding bra size would be 34. The cup size B is determined by subtracting the band from the bust. In this instance, the cup size would be B since the band number is 2 inches smaller than the 36-inch bust.

The +0 method of bra measuring makes it easier for teenage girls to find the right bra size more quickly and accurately. With this method, they can confidently shop for bras without complex measuring tools. It also helps eliminate any guesswork, resulting in a more successful and enjoyable shopping experience.

Tired of searching for the perfect bra? You're not alone. Many women struggle to find the right bra size and shape. Plus, there are so many different styles of bras out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Fear not – we’ve got all the answers to make bra shopping a breeze.

Whether you’re looking for a strapless bra, a bralette top, or a full-cup bra, you’ll find the best bra for you with a few simple measurements. The first step to finding your perfect bra is to measure your cup size. You can calculate your cup size by subtracting your band size from the bust size. For example, if your bust measurement is 36 inches and your band size is 32 inches, your cup size will be D. Other cup sizes range from AA (smaller than A) to F (larger than DD).

Once you’ve got your cup size, it’s time to figure out what type of bra you need. If you’re looking for a strapless bra, you’ll want to look for one that is made for your cup size and that has adjustable straps so you can get the perfect fit. For a full-cup bra, look for one that will give you maximum coverage and that fits snugly but not too tight.

If you’re looking for a bralette top, you’ll want to make sure it’s made of lightweight material that will give you a flattering shape. Don’t forget about support! Women of all sizes need support, regardless of cup size. Make sure your bra has adequate back and shoulder straps to give you the support you need. Finally, don’t forget about style.

Whether you’re looking for something classic and simple or something with a bit of flair, you can find something perfect for you. Lace bras are always a popular choice, as are sports bras for the active woman. Buying a bra can be confusing, but with a few simple measurements and tips, you can find the perfect fit. Measure your cup size, think about the style of bra you want, and look for one that provides plenty of support. With all this in mind, you’ll be sure to find a bra that fits great and makes you feel comfortable.

When you need bras for teens, the best kind is those that will adjust with continued bust growth. BRABAR's junior bra selection is comfortable, supportive, wire-free, and contouring to the teen's body, whether petite or full-busted. These include our starter bras with soft, smooth cups, removable padding, and fully adjustable straps.

The Soft Cami Bra Top is as comfortable as it is versatile. It's a seamless sports bra and cami hybrid made of ultra-soft, sustainable, stretch material. The Cami features a long-length U-neckline, is double-layered without pads, and is perfect for everyday low to moderate-impact activities.

Our HUG Laceback Bralette possesses a smooth surplice with a full lace back to create a cute yet functional design. With the HUG Laceback Bralette, there's no need to double up, as the stretchy and soft microfiber offers a smooth and comfortable cup. This bralette is unlined and seamless and offers full coverage for girls, from petite to full busts. 

These are ideal bras for teens and tweens who are into dance, sports, and/or an active lifestyle. The HUG Laceback Bralette can be worn as a sports bra to handle low-to-mid impact activity. Though we offer multiple sizes and fits, it will adjust with the wearer as she grows.

How to Measure for Bra Size at Home


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