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Are Wireless Bras Better? Learn More.

When you're on the hunt for a new bra, you're going to be checking all of your options–and there are a lot of bra options out there. Neutral-toned, colorful, patterned, padded, sports bras, bralettes… all of these options are staring you in the face when you go out shopping. The question, though, is "What bra should I get?" 

One of the most divisive bra preferences, however, is whether or not to purchase a bra with underwire, or if a wireless bra might be a better bra. Are wireless bras better, and do bras without wires have any benefits over those that do? Here are some reasons why you might decide to purchase a wireless bra next time you go out shopping:

What Are the Differences Between Wired and Wireless Bras?

If you're familiar with bras and bra shopping, you're probably already familiar with the wired vs. wireless argument. Some people swear by wired bras and wired bras alone, others prefer wireless bras and yet others that have both in their dresser drawers. 

In short, a wireless bra is a bra that doesn't have the underwire support that many bras have sewn into the lining of the cups. The wire in a wired bra may be metal or a hard and firm piece of plastic, designed to give your breast support and help it to fill the cup of the bra. Typically, bras with underwire are better to help you prevent chafing and are great for shaping and lifting your bust. However, they are notoriously uncomfortable and tend to be expensive comparatively.

This doesn't mean that wireless bras don't offer support. Instead of depending on the wire to offer support, bras without wires depend on the fabric, shape, and cut of the fabric. Wireless bras also tend to have more versatility in their styles, including sports bras, bralettes, bandeaus, and more, since they don't have to contain the rigid wiring underneath the breast. Because there are fewer components to a wireless bra as well, they tend to be less expensive. 

Why You Might Want to Go Wireless

While the decision is ultimately up to you, there's a reason that wireless bras are growing in popularity. Many women all over are starting to answer the question "Are wireless bras better?" with a resounding yes! Wondering why? Here are some reasons why you might want to go wireless on your next bra shop:


Have you ever been wearing a bra—new or old—with an underwire, and you simply couldn't stop it from poking you? Or while you're out and about, have you ever felt the underwire of your bra snap and immediately destroy the comfortable feeling you had? If you've experienced something similar, then you aren't alone.

One of the biggest wireless bra benefits is the fact that they don't have any underwire. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it's vital to wrap your brain around this concept before continuing. With a wireless bra, you will never have to worry about the underwire popping out and poking your breast or sides. You will not need to worry about the feeling of the hard plastic or metal piece digging into your ribs and leaving marks.

This is because wireless bras are just that: wireless. They are made of fabric and fabric alone, so while the fabric can still become worn just like any other bra, there's no risk of an accidental wound from your underwire suddenly going rogue. 

Great for Pregnancy

If you have gone through pregnancy before, you know how quickly your bust size can fluctuate when you're pregnant. It's not uncommon for your cup size to bloom as your pregnancy progresses–and even after your baby is born. 

If this sounds familiar, wireless bras might be ideal for you. Underwire bras don't have a lot of give when it comes to fluctuating cup sizes, and you'll likely need to purchase several more bras throughout your pregnancy to keep up with your ever-changing body. With a wireless bra, though, your bust has more wiggle room to grow and change. You won't need to go out and purchase a new bra every time your bust goes up a size during your pregnancy because you will simply grow to fill out your wireless one. 

Bras are Smoothing and Can Double as Shapewear

Instead of having the tight back bands that many underwire bras have to help give support, wireless bras tend to pull over the head with no kind of clasp in the back. While some wireless bras do have clasps, they often tend to be thicker and smoother, giving a more smooth, solid appearance under a shirt instead of the dreaded bulging that sometimes accompanies bras. 

This smooth appearance can accentuate and emphasize your curves like shapewear because this eliminates the appearance of lines and awkward fabric bunching that tends to rear its ugly head with underwire bras. These supportive bras without underwire give you great coverage, great comfort, and no unsightly bra bumps. 


Bras without wires are perfect to wear for any occasion and under any outfit for any circumstance. Wireless bras are comfortable yet supportive enough to be worn to the gym, but classy and elegant enough to wear under your clothes for the office. As long as you aren't dripping with sweat to the point of feeling uncomfortable, there's no need to change your bra when heading to a different venue because your classy and elegant bra is the perfect intimate clothing for whatever occasion you're attending. 

The same cannot be said of underwire bras. You might be able to tolerate sitting in an office for the workday in an underwire bra, but there's no way you'd be comfortable working out at the gym while wearing one. It would pinch too much and be way too uncomfortable for you to think about anything else other than taking that bra off at the end of your workout!

Ultimately, It's Up to You

Are wireless bras better? Well, in short, that entirely depends upon your personal preferences. After all, the best bra for you is the bra that makes you the most comfortable and confident in yourself. You just need to remember that there are supportive bras both with and without underwire that can give you the lift, coverage, and overall support you're looking for, if you know where to look. The wireless bra benefits are huge, but there's a reason that underwire bras have lasted as long as they have and continue to be popular even today. Simply choose what's going to make you feel the most comfortable in your own skin. 

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