Advice for Moms - bra fitting

Advice for moms who take their tweens/young teens for a first bra fitting?

Let your tween drive the process and take your cues from them. It’s a difficult and uncomfortable time for them and as moms, we need to be sensitive to that. Let them try on a few styles and let them pick. If they find a bra they like that feels comfortable, start there, no pressure. You can always come back to buy more; leave on a high note. It can be a great, wonderful and memorable experience.

Tips do you have for older teens when they’re shopping for a bra who have probably bought bras elsewhere and been winging it in the past?

 We want girls to buy the smallest, snuggest and most comfortable band size, then determine the cup size. A lot of women sister size, meaning they use multiple bras with the same cup volume (30D/32C/34B/36A). When women/girls size up in the band to get more room in the cup, the bra will hang from the shoulders instead of hug her rib cage. The wires will be in the wrong location and poke her underarms.

The biggest misconceptions from girls (or parents) about bras and/or fittings in general?

 Cup size is really the difference between the rib cage measurement and the bust measurement. Most people don’t know that. A four-inch variance is a D cup. A teen with a 28 rib cage and 33 over the bust would be a 28DD, a five-inch variance. This girl was likely wearing a 32C or a 34B because that’s what’s available. Most companies start sizing at 32 band and sister size girls into the wrong bra sizes.


Consider the style and design for Teen Bras | Bras for Girls| Teenage Bralette | Sports Bras| Halter Bras | Juniors Bras| Cup Sizes AA, A, B, C, D, DD, 

When choosing a bra for girls, it's important to consider the style and design that will best suit their needs. Different styles of bras offer different levels of support and coverage, so it's important to choose one that matches the girl's preferences and activities. For example, a sports bra may be more suitable for girls who are active and participate in sports, while a bralette or wireless bra may be more comfortable for everyday wear. Additionally, consider the design features such as adjustable straps, hook and eye closures, and padding or underwire for added support. By considering the style and design of the bra, you can ensure that it not only fits well but also meets the girl's individual needs and preferences.

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