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A Halter-ed State of Being

Your alarm didn't ring. You've woken up late, and it's going to take superpowers to make sure you don't miss that flight. You jump into a pair of lounge pants, slip into your favorite halter bra and a basic tee, and make a dash for it. You feel superhuman - cutely and rightly so - you can do anything.

Halter bras are wonder bras for a reason. They're meant for an active lifestyle and help you get things done. Life can be a beautiful and chaotic mess; your halter bra reminds you that you don't have to try to be gorgeous. You already are amidst the workouts, gym runs, airport arrivals and departures, and slumped on the sofa when it's all done. 

Here's how your halter can alter a look and take it several notches upward. Hold tight because this is going to be a wild ride, but your halter bra is here for you. 

A Fashionista's Favorite

We know that halter bras are good for you because they ace the job of supporting your boobs the right way, especially during intense workouts or for backless halter bra nights. Designers also love working with the halter style because the design spirals upwards, creating a form, shape, and silhouette that flatters all body types and balances proportions. Add strappy details,  lace detailing, and intricate patterning work to the mix, and your halter bra is now a fashion accessory. 

If your style is clean and minimalist, the Hug Strappy Halter Bra and Hug Backless Halter Bra exude structure and sophistication. You can show off the structural lines of the strappy halter bra by pairing it with gym pants or wearing it under a cut-out tee or basic tee. Our halter bras do a great job of standing out of the crowd in comfort, craft, and confidence. 

woman in halter bra

A Wardrobe Heavyweight

The design of a halter flatters and brings attention to your personality, bringing focus to your neck, face, and smile. Besides that, they do a great job providing support for various activities, from high-impact HIT exercises to low-impact ones like a bike ride in the park. The design of a halter bra varies from compression to encapsulation style. Compression halter bras are great for women with small and medium boobs. They work hard to minimize movement while you're doing your thing, with the right amount of pressure and lift. Encapsulation bras go a step further—halter bras with encapsulation feature little grooves or capsules that exert individualized support to each boob. Encapsulated halter bras are great for girls with large boobs who need the extra support during high-impact activities. It's easy to switch between Halters and Halter Sports Bras depending on your activity level, occasion, and your bra size. The Hug Backless Halter Bra or Halter Bralette can be worn under a blazer to a girlboss work meet, go under a fitted open-back dress in the evening or under a snug shrug and denim on just about every day.

woman backless halter bra

A Color for Everyone

Everyone's got a favorite color, and everyone needs a bit of mix and match in their wardrobe. This is why high-performing halter bras for girls and halter bralettes for women always come in a bundle of neutral colors for sophisticated dressing and a bundle of bold colors for the avanté garde. Choosing the right color helps you play the part during the day, and there's research to establish how color impacts mood. Brighter colors are for wilder, carefree days under the sun, and neutrals for polished evenings under the stars. Or, turn that on its head and do it the other way! Halter bras are for every mood and everyone!

Word on the streets is that the BRABAR Hug Strappy Halter Bra in port maroon was spotted in the club paired with shorts. 

red color halter bra with strap BRABAR

Chic and smart! We've also heard that the Hug Lace Halter Bralette in orange was spotted on a determined girly warming up to rollerblade. She paired hers with baggy denims. 

halter bra for teens BRABAR

There are no rules when styling a halter bra because the plethora of colors make it easy. We're suckers for color-popping outfits. We'd pair the brighter halter bras with neutral pants, or the other way around, for visual impact. 

A Winning Pattern

Halter bras can go from strappy, sassy, street-style to classy and bougie. The design of a halter bra allows you to experiment with patterns, inserts, and unique elements that blend seamlessly, creating a whole new look. Think of how a strappy halter bra takes a pair of ripped denim jeans or cut-out leggings to a new level.



The lace detailing on the neck of a halter bralette adds depth, softness and texture to a simple velvet slip-on dress through contrast. Contrast and pattern-play happen in other ways too, by color blocking a monochrome halter bra with checkered shorts for a game of beach volley. 

comfortable halter bra and bralette BRABAR


Halter bras are designed for confident dressing. There's no way you're underdressed or overdressed with a halter bra because any way you style it is powerful. You impact this planet by being you; your halter bras, worn the way you like it, is power-dressing to us. The carefully designed straps on a halter bra boost the level of support to your boobs and boost your confidence. They accentuate your upper back helping improve posture. They're a powerful motivator and a reminder of the only thing that matters at the end of a long, busy day meeting goals - you. 

The lace detailing on the neck of a halter bralette adds depth, softness and texture to a simple velvet slip-on dress through contrast. Contrast and pattern-play happen in other ways too, by color blocking a monochrome halter bra with checkered shorts for a game of beach volley.

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